About the House of Zords Podcast

House of Zords is the brainchild of two thirty-something idiots who both loved Power Rangers as kids, and wanted to record their thoughts as they watched the show again through more cynical, adult eyes. Join Ben and Mike as they take a critical, but ultimately loving, look back at a 90s cultural phenomenon.

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About the hosts

Ben is a New York-based Irishman who loves sport, food and all things pop culture. His favorite Power Ranger is the Green Ranger, and his favorite episode is the “Green With Evil” mini-series. Aside from the podcast, Ben likes to take nice photos for Instagram.

Mike is a Mancunian idiot who likes video games, music, football and eating. He'll tell you his favorite Power Ranger is one of the cool ones, but he's a lying nerdy Blue Ranger in disguise. When not musing about Power Rangers, he's usually streaming on Twitch.

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